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Terrapin offers fast and effective solutions for creating more affordable homes and accommodation; from hotels to care homes, student accommodation to housing associations, our construction methods ensure high quality with minimal disturbance. Terrapin has won accreditation from the National House-Building Council for our Prospex System - a light steel, volumetric modular construction solution which is suitable for creating residential dwellings up to five storeys in height. Commenting on this achievement, Terrapin’s Managing Director said, “The NHBC is the leading standard setting body for the housebuilding industry and we regard this certification as a major endorsement of Terrapin’ s off-site building technology...[and it]...reflects the advances we have made in leading the application of off-site building technology in this sector.”

Innovative Solutions

Terrapin's innovative and cost-effective alternative to traditional build methods, its new corner-loaded modular buildings, are a pioneering development in residential construction.

These buildings move away from the traditional ‘box like’ design that has sometimes characterised modular buildings in the past. The steel-framed, corner-loaded modules from Terrapin mean buildings can be non-rectangular in plan and benefit from contemporary features, such as internal atria or balconies, or even corner-to-corner glazed walls, which enable a large amount of natural light to enter the building, providing a bright and airy living space for residents.

The unique system brings huge advantages to housing development, as work on the new buildings can be carried out at the same time as demolition of the current buildings on the site. Once the buildings are completed, they can be simply craned into position, providing a much quicker and simpler build schedule with less need for deliveries on-site.

Terrapin’s modular building system is proving popular across urban sites throughout the country, not least because of its benefits in reduced site traffic, fewer on site personnel, and less noise and disruption for neighbours. The environmental credentials of the system are further enhanced by the fact that Terrapin will plant trees – either on the development site or elsewhere – to offset the ‘carbon footprint’ of transporting the modules to site.

“More and more developers, especially in inner city areas are choosing our modular building systems, as there are huge cost and time advantages,” said Terrapin’s Managing Director. “Now with the new corner–loaded modules, there is huge scope in terms of architectural design. This type of construction, backed by the very highest standards of quality and performance of the buildings, means this project will epitomise the very best in sustainable design.”

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