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The politics of planning in London has never been so prone to risk. At every level there is ongoing change which increases uncertainty. This makes the 2022 London elections hard to call.

Terrapin understands the London political scene. Our consultants are experienced advisers who are able to derisk large, complicated schemes at the start of the planning process and then work with clients to ensure a successful outcome.

The relationship between London councils and City Hall is constantly evolving. Clients need advisers who understand that critical relationship and are able to assist them navigate through a sea of complexity.

Terrapin Communications delivers the following services :

  • Political audits of individual London councils
  • Targeted political engagement programmes
  • Stakeholder engagement
  • Public exhibitions
  • Strategic advice on planning in London

Terrapin has a superb track record of helping our clients achieve successful planning consents right across Greater London. If you would like to discuss a potential assignment please contact : peter.bingle@terrapingroup.co.uk

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