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Public affairs is an art form. In a post-Brexit world, a public affairs practitioner has to combine a penetrating insight into how the political system really works with a deep and wide network of key decision makers and opinion formers. The objective is clear - to deliver added value and a competitive advantage for our clients. It’s not everyday that one of your clients hosts the leaders of the western world.

Terrapin Political's consultants understand the workings of the Body Politic. It’s founder Peter Bingle, one of the most experienced and respected public affairs figures, has advised many of the UK’s leading companies. They understand what makes the government tick and, crucially, know how best to engage with its key figures. For our clients, we deliver certainty in an uncertain world.

Terrapin Political delivers the following services :

  • Strategic advice
  • Political audits
  • Political Engagement
  • Stakeholder Engagement
  • Analysis and advice
  • Crisis management

If you would like to discuss a potential assignment, please contact : peter.bingle@terrapingroup.co.uk

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