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In today’s world where virtual communication now runs hand in hand with traditional methods making sure that your message reaches the right targets is more important than ever. Terrapin Creative has risen to this challenge. Our public consultations, both in person and virtual exhibitions, are attracting praise and positive feedback from all the parties involved. We’ve adapted newsletters to meet a post lockdown world while our websites are designed to put messages across in a jargon free and easily digestible manner.

Alongside this are our long term engagement programmes. Good communication between communities and developers brings a more positive experience for everyone. Terrapin Creative specialises in pro-active engagement – be it art competitions, seasonal celebrations, educational activities or running community engagement groups we provide an original and imaginative approach to try to bring everyone onboard.

Whatever the forum, our role is to help our clients communicate in a smooth and informative way. We can train you to ensure that your message comes over in the best way possible. We can help you with social media and master online interviews that just crop up. We can also make films and advise you how to reach your target audience in a professional and effective manner.

Liz Williams heads up the Terrapin Creative team. They provide the following services :

  • Website Design
  • Leaflets & Newsletter Design
  • Media Training
  • Corporate Videos
  • Strategic Advice

If you would like to discuss an assignment, please contact : liz.williams@terrapingroup.co.uk

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