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Our rural countryside is coming under massive and sustained pressure from government to deliver its fair share of new homes. To misquote Dickens, it is too often a “Tale of Two Communities” – prosperous villages surrounding towns with economic deprivation. Terrapin Out & About understands these competing demands as our track record proves.

Terrapin Out & About is helping clients succeed by carrying out virtual public consultations, advising on strategy and deploying our political networks, expertise and experience. We like to build on the lessons learnt from a successful scheme and tweak them so they work elsewhere. It is very different from the politics of planning in Greater London.

Terrapin Out & About’s consultants deliver the following services:

  • Strategic Advice
  • Political Audits
  • Political Engagement
  • Stakeholder Engagement
  • Public Exhibitions
  • Crisis Management

Ian George and Kevin Davis have a successful track record of helping clients to work with local communities outside London to secure great planning consents. They understand the local politics and the differing and often competing demands.

Contact them at: kevin.davis@terrapingroup.co.uk and ian.george@terrapingroup.co.uk

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